CAN YOU EXERCISE / work out IN A CORSET? | Lucy’s Corsetry

Read my blog post about exercise in a corset for even more info!

Should you Work Out in your Corset?

Corsets and Muscles (includes tips on keeping your core strong):

Corsets, lungs and breathing:

Corsets and blood pressure:

Analyzing a real test on lung function while exercising in a corset:

Responding to Media Sensationalism… Again.

Fran Blanche’s article on sports corsets and exercising for tightlacers:

Additional links on exercising while corseted (provided by KathTea Katastrophy):´╗┐

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This video contains my opinion and observations. It’s not intended to replace the advice of a medical physician. Please contact your doctor if you would like to start a new exercise regimen or if you would like to wear a corset for any reason.