Steel Bone Waist Trainers + Info On Lengths Depending On Your Torso

So I just discovered there’s such a thing as a 25 steel bone waist trainer. It’s the same stretchy black material and front closure as the originals but ZERO give (so it won’t get stretched out).

Sixe XX-Small 25 steel bones 9.45 inches in Height (use drop down box to find XX-small) :

S-Acetyl Glutathione I’m Using (300mg 2x daily):
Liposomal Vitamin C (2,000mg 2x daily):
Soy-Free Milk Thistle:
Codeage Collagen:
Opti MSM flakes:

All of the Supplements I’m using (International viewers scroll to the bottom for more info on where to buy):

︎Acetyl Glutathione:
If you can’t do acetyl then do reduced glutathione either rectally or nebulizer (not oral)
︎Reduced Glutathione Bulk:
︎Glutathione Nebulizer:
︎Rectal Applicator For Glutathione:
︎Opti MSM flakes:
︎Liquid Chlorophyll :
︎Liposomal Vitamin C :
︎BEST Collagen Powder:
︎Hyaluronic Acid:
︎Cheap Enemas:

International Viewers:

︎Liposomal Glutathione:
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If you can’t do liposomal then do Acetyl ⬇️
︎ Acetyl Glutathione :
If you can’t do acetyl then use reduced glutathione either rectal or nebulizer method
︎Glutathione Powder :
︎Glutathione Nebulizer:
︎Koji San Kojic Soap:
︎Liposomal Vitamin C:
︎MSM Flakes:
︎Aloe Vera Gel:
︎Licorice Root:
︎Liquid Chlorophyll:
︎Hyaluronic Acid:
︎Rectal Implant (syringe):