Waist Trainer Benefits

As a personal trainer and nutritionist I am asked a wide array of questions on a daily basis – some obvious, some not so obvious, and some a little whacky! One question I seem to be getting asked more and more nowadays is with regards to waist trainers and waist training in general. ‘Do they work?’, ‘Can they induce permanent slimming?’, ‘How often do I have to wear one?’, ‘Are they dangerous?’….I could make an endless list about waist trainer related questions!

In this short article to accompany the above video I will provide a brief insight into waist trainers and whether they work, and whether or not they actually have any benefits where weight loss and slimming are concerned. I have studied this fairly extensively and a good proportion of my clients have used them. It is for these reasons that I feel I can provide an educated and balanced opinion on waist training.

Firstly, do they work? This must be split into two parts: 1) Do they slim the waist? 2) Do they promote weight/fat loss? In answer to the first question, yes, they do slim the waist when worn as they compress the midsection. Can they do this permanently? If worn for long enough, there may be a permanent slimming of the waist line. In answer to question 2, they will not directly induce weight/fat loss, but they can indirectly do so when used in conjunction with a training regime and healthy calorie controlled diet.

Other benefits include, but are not limited to: better posture, an accentuated bust, a stronger and tighter core (which will be less prone to injuries etc…).

As you can see, waist trainers do work, but they need to be used for long periods of time and with other weight loss techniques in order for optimal results to be experienced.

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